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Riemann mapping theorem

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    I'm looking for a proof of the Riemann mapping theorem. If I'm not mistaking, there are differnet proofs and the original proof is quite difficult.
    I'd appreciate any information on where I can/might find a less complicated proof of this theorem.
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    Best way to find proofs is just to go to google and type in:

    "Riemann mapping theorem" proof

    you'll have to sort through a lot of sites but that's probably your best bet. Or you could be old fashioned and actually go to a library and check out the math books...of course that depends on whether or not you have a good math library near you.
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    That actually worked, can't believe I didn't think of that myself.
    Thanks for the help.
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    i recommend henri cartans book on complex analysis, analytic functions of one and several,complex variables. also hille's book on analytic functions, in 2 volumes.
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    no problem

    google is your best friend
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