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Riemann sum

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    Hello there, can anyone help me here as I'm finding it difficult to tackle this question.

    Consider f(x)=x^3 on the interval [1,5].
    Find the Riemann sum for the equipartition P=(1,2,3,4,5) into 4 intervals with x_i^* being the right-hand endpoints (ie. x_i=a+hi)

    Then find a formula for the Riemann sum for an equipartition P_n into n intervals and right-hand endpoints. Use the summation formulae
    sum(i^3)=1/4n^2(n+1)^2, upper lim=n, lower lim;i=1.

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    Hi dan,
    I believe this belongs in Homework Help and the policy there is that you tell us what you got so far, and where you are stuck. Then we can help.
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