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Homework Help: Right Hand Rule

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    Does anyone know of a good site that explains this rule? I just don't get it at all. Better yet, is there some way you can know the direction of the magnetic field without doing it
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    I believe you'll get tons of answers to your question just by typing 'right hand rule' into google. :smile:
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    Also -- one of my favorites is to think of things as firing a gun. You point along the first vector with your index finger, your middle finger is in the trigger pointing to towards the second vector. When you fire, your arm swings up and the gun flys up in the direction where your thumb is pointing... aim x fire = recoil. You could also just crank through the vector math keeping track of the unit vectors along (x,y,z)... and while a good practice, that's not as much fun... and the right hand rule is a good check to know anyways.
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