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News Right Wing, Left Wing and world peace

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    Today politics everywhere throughout the world are corrupt. Very few politicians elected (if its a democracy...it really does not matter) actually care about the people and the current most pressing matters at hand. Most care soley about their personal gain. After pondering a question I was asked by a friend I have come to some conclusions and questions that I would like to hear everyone comment on. The question was "Do you think world peace is even possible?"

    Now, when I heard this question I immediately said maybe because we do not know what could happen, things do change. However while thinking of a way I could talk about this question, I came up with a few examples to share with everyone.

    First, lets talk liberals and conservatives, the left wing and right wing. While there are some independents and some "liberal republicans" and "conservative democrats," these politicians are too small in number to be able to pass any legislature without having the full support of one party. So my first example is this: My..."theory" is that if any one politician, say it were a democrat came up with a plan that would be 99.9% sure to end world and congress was asked to vote on whether this plan should be acted upon/ enforced or simply whether or not to give government money to help support it, then the majority of the republican party would not vote for the plan, simply because the parties are so divided and there is so much friction between the two that they would automatically denounce each others plan, find any miniscule problem they could and make a fiasco over it. It happens more than you think. During the clinton administration, congress turned down many plans, bills etc. introduced by President Clinton simply because few republicans would vote for them. Now President Bush is in office and the republicans are the majority and they are voting for many things that bush has suggested (ex: 87.5 billion dollars to rebuild Iraq) which helped cause the deficit America is currently dealing with. If only the two parties were not so hostile towards eachother, it would be so much easier to work towards solving things such as world hunger, even peace.
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    More capitalism, less corruption:
    http://www.heritage.org/Research/TradeandForeignAid/images/chart3.gif [Broken]
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    Why did you use the word "Today" or limit your view to left and right wings. It is politics that is corrupt. It always has been and, as long as people are corruptible, it will always be. A favorite line of mine, from the movie "Extreme Prejudice", is "The only thing worse than a child molester is a politician."
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    How about treating this as a systemic disease ? Democracy overall is a very inefficient way of doing things, but it obviously has its perks in general. Add the nonexistent ethics of today and in my mind you're pretty close to the system we have.
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    I like this quote from Winston Churchill. "Democracy is the worst form of government except all the others have been tried." I believe it's true. It certainly is not flawless, and it can be greatly improved if the effort is put forth, but I think it is the best form of government to come forth in the world as of now.

    Great link.
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    cor┬Ěrupt ( P ) (k-rpt)
    Marked by immorality and perversion; depraved.
    Venal; dishonest: a corrupt mayor.

    There's reason it's called the 'rat race'
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    The old "stogie" had his moments ... easy to agree on this point though. Can't really see how the bump the political system to care about anything else except its own existence ... which is much what this comes down to as of now.
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