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Riley or Bronstein

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    I am looking for a handbook of mathematics to buy and to look when I need some mathematic help during my PhD instead to look in my students notes. I am looking for this two books, what do you think about them? Which recomended me to buy?

    Handbook of mathematics: Bronstein
    Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering: A Comprehensive Guide: Riley
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    I can only comment on Bronstein. It is THE BOOK. The majority of German physics students owns it as well as many engineers. There are a few weaknesses (more group theory would be nice, one or two bad definitions) But I have yet to find a Physicist who disliked it. Still it does not explain anything, and is just for looking up integrals, or definitions, or solutions to common problems, or algorithms, or mathematica commands, or ...

    If you are German I would also recommend "das gelbe Rechenbuch 1-3" which has more of a recipe approach, and will help with basic Calculus and Linear Algebra.
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