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Rime ice

  1. Jan 2, 2009 #1
    So we need a new picture and the weather is freezing fog. Hence rime ice time. The bigger waters are still open, the fog is more intense there, the place to go for new rime ice pictures.




    100% crop



    100% crop



    Now, which one to enter in the contest?
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    Either first or second if you ask me.

    Incidentally, I took this picture on the last day of 2008:


    Any similarities purely accidental.
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    Lovely ice pix, as always. Last week I drove some food up to my father's place on a sub-zero day. The Kennebec river was positively steaming in the cold, and all the trees and shrubs were heavily coated. Stupid me, I hadn't brought cameras. I had to make another food run in the opposite direction that same day, and was in a rush, loading containers of soups, loaves of bread, etc, and totally forgot the Pelican case that I had pre-positioned near the front door. Duh!

    Did the same thing today (forgot camera case) but the day was overcast, the river was unspectacular and the mill-pond in my friend's town was populated only with mallards. I can't leave the cameras locked in the vehicle due to the cold temps, so I've got to get back in the habit of making purposeful photo-treks. I used to lug at least 3 OM-1s and an OM-4 all loaded with Zuicko primes and loaded with various films, so this DSLR kit isn't that bulky.
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    Nice shots Andre. I can see why you are having trouble deciding.
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    Thanks Larkspur, well it's too late now. Mattyaouw was very quick closing it.
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    Yes, he sometimes closes the contest ealier and sometimes later. Seems like to be safe we have to enter pictures before or on Friday night, as Saturday morning can be too late.
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    I like the first, third and last best.
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