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Rindler question

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    If I understand correctly; in a Born accelerated frame the degree of time dilation is related to the location in the frame.
    Greater dilation happening at the rear where there is greater thrust and acceleration.

    1) Is this relative dilation factor constant or does it increase with greater instantaneous relative velocity??

    2) I have read that relative distance between points is constant and can be measured as such by radar.
    If the clocks are dilated at those points of measurement how can the measurements be the same in both directions (-x)<---->(x) ????

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    Yes and almost yes.
    They aren't. What Rindler calls "Radar Distance" depends on direction.
    A better definition is the distance as measured by an infinitelimal number of such radar observers, each measuring a small segment. The result is Rindler coordinate distance = proper distance along Rindler simultaneity slices.
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