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Ring, field

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    Does anybody know who first introduced terms ring and field and when?
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    I put "mathemtics" "terms" "history" into Google and came up with this intersting site:
    http://members.aol.com/jeff570/mathword.html [Broken]

    According to it, it was Richard Dedekind who introduced both terms in the late 1850s.
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    Thank you, very handy website :approve:
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    technically, it appears the website mentioned states that eliakim hastings moore introduced the english term "field", as dedekind's term "korper" apparently translates literally as "body" rather than field.

    I do not have a german dictionary handy though. Is perhaps "field" another translation of "korper"? interestingly "ring" seems to be both an english and a german word, as used in wagner's famous operas. or is this wrong?
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