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Homework Help: Ring of charge

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    For a ring of charge centered about the origin, how would you calculate the charge experienced by a point within the ring of charge but not at the center?

    So, I know for a ring of charge dE_x = kdq / r^2 = (k*lambda*ds) / r^2 where ds is the arc length.

    Then what do I integrate over?
    And does the fact that the point isn't at the center/origin, important?
    I'm guessing I need to solve that integral, then determine q.
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    Hi jaejoon89! :smile:

    You integrate over a small arc, of length r dθ, where θ is the angle from the centre of the ring. :smile:
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    How do you find the angle from the center of the ring in this case? Here would you just do the angle from the point (it is off center)?
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    θ is the angle around the ring, taken from the center. Integrate over θ from 0 to 2 pi.

    You'll also need to figure out r as a function of θ.
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