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News RIP Adam West

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    Died Peacefully at 88

    Sad to hear this. Adam west is the person I think of as Batman. It seems now that every superhero has to have some kind of an edge, that one can't have a superhero without being an anti-hero of some sort. But the only reason that works is because of the iconic pillars built by actors like this and those who brought over-exemplified self-sacrifice and noble ideals into popular culture in the first place.
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    He will always be the only Batman for me. All of the others that have played Batman have picked up something from the way he portrayed Batman.
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    Plus he was hilarious in Family Guy.
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    Admittedly Adam West was not my favourite Batman (that honour goes to Christian Bale in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy of films), but I nonetheless enjoyed West in the Batman TV show in syndication during my childhood, particularly the campy and lighthearted nature of the show.

    He will be missed.
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    He will be missed.

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    That's a sad news. :frown: I love his batman movie, he were really funny.
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    "When I was batman, I find need to say" I'm batman". People knew who I was."
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