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Featured RIP PF Member Morbius

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    Andrew Mason

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    Rest in Peace, Dr. Gregory Greenman, aka @Morbius. Underneath the occasional curmudgeon-like exterior, Morbius was a gentleman and a scholar and a PF friend. I was wondering why we had not heard from him for a few years so I began looking and, alas, sadly, I came across this January 2015 obituary for him.

    I doubt that he shared many qualities of the comic book vampire Dr. Morbius, but the one quality that we all wish he had was longevity. Alas he was only 60 when he died.

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    RIP dear @Morbius, a ten year Science Advisor.

    I've given him the memorial badge
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    R.I.P. Morbius.
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    RIP, Greg (Morbius). Condolences to family, friends and colleagues.

    I hope his two cats found a new loving home.
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