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RISC vs x86 gaming

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    This was brought up in another thread but I beleive it derserves it's own.

    When comparing a game on the MAC and on a PC most gamers will say the PC performs better. However most consoles are based in the same processor that the MAC has. Even Xbox is changing from Pentium to POWER in their next console.

    Why does console gaming favor RISC whereas computer gaming favors x86?
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    Both chips are going to be comparable, but the main reason would have to be price. Also, it doesn't help that Intel and Microsoft have a stranglehold on the desktop market. Intel has exclusive deals with all the top brand manufucters whilte Microsoft would be unwilling to port windows to the PPC platform due to software compatability issues.
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    Power CPU is more expensive but it has higher performance than x86, especially in the FP performance, maybe this is the trend CPU in advanced gaming machines!
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