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Risch Algorithm?

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    Risch Algorithm???

    Hi all,

    Lately i came across an indefinite integral, and among its solutions one was using Risch Algorithm. However, the solution was not in detail, it was more of an outline, so i was curious to find out more about this algorithm which allowes one to find the antiderivative of an elementary function in case it exists in terms of elementary functions.

    However, so far i could not come across any source which explains in details this algorithm, hence i thought maybe someone here have used it before, and knows where i could find out more about it???

    Any help would be greately appreciated.
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    Re: Risch Algorithm???

    I found this quote:

    "Risch algorithm is described (in more than 100 pages) in "Algorithms for Computer Algebra" by Keith O. Geddes, Stephen R. Czapor and George Labahn."

    Maybe that citation will have the kind of details you seek.
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