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River crossing brain teasers

  1. May 31, 2009 #1
    We all know and love these guys. But they seem so trivial after you solve one. Even if you've solved it ages ago, that formula is still inherent in you somehow and you can bring it up (like bike riding).

    So when I saw:

    I automatically went and searched for that file in my brain.

    Take the duck across, come back, take the fox across, leave fox and take duck back, leave duck, take corn, come back, take duck, let the animals go, eat the corn, go watch TV

    Post your favorite river crossing puzzle!

    My favorite one still has to be the Japanese IQ test: http://freeweb.siol.net/danej/riverIQGame.swf [Broken]

    If you want the solution for that one ^ I will put it up right now but in spoilers

    Take the cop and the thief across, return with the cop. Take the cop and a boy across, come back with the cop and the thief. Take the dad and the other boy across, come back with dad. Take mom and dad across, come back with mom. Take cop and thief across, come back with dad. Take mom and dad across, come back with mom. Take mom and daughter across, come back with cop and thief. Take cop and daughter across, come back with cop. Take cop and thief across, and you've solved the puzzle! :)
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    Tip: if you want more replies try and avoiding posting the spoilers with the questions.
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    the japanese river crossing isn't really that hard. you only have limited choices, and you should be able to figure out pretty quickly where each choice would lead to.
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    The japanese river crossing is hard because I can't read japanese and have no idea why these people are punching each other. They can figure it out themselves, I'm sick of working with this group
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