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Rivers & whirlpools of spacetime

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    Do rivers (conduits) or whirlpools (sinks and sources) of spacetime exist, which deform as linear, spiral or chaotic flow, eventually accelerate superluminally relative to nearby spacetime?
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    "Spacetime" is a coordinate system.

    - Warren
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    ...whose topology can deform in time and space like the above-mentioned "river" or "whirlpool." I asked whether sheared or chiral spacetime may develop singularities spontaneously from their displaced geometry.
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    Regarding "whirlpools" I would say, yes. I think that is exactly what frame-dragging is.

    "Rivers" are a little more difficult to imagine a cause for, but I suppose that they might exist. As for accelerating superluminally, I highly doubt it.
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    Well, they say there's no actual limmit on the
    "velocity" of space-time itself, so why not ?

    Live long and prosper.
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