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Rivet joint designs

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    rivet joint designs......


    Im in desperate need of a good link where i can read up about rivet joint designs with gusset plates etc. (specifically i need to know suitbale designs for a bridge structure made from aluminium angle and strip) however general information would be just as good. Thanks in advance for the help guys..........this would be very much appreciated. :smile:

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    Here is a report on the seismic behavior of riveted gusset design.

    http://www.aisc.org/Content/ContentGroups/Documents/Steel_Tips1/144_dec_98.pdf [Broken]

    I may not be what you're looking for, but it does have references.

    Usually, there are specific manuals from engineering or construction societies/institutes which would provide standard designs.

    AISC = American Institute of Steel Construction
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