RL Circuit Applications

  1. Can someone explain to me 2 basic applications of RL circuits? What are they used for and some examples, please. I'm quite confused. It doesn't take much.:blushing:
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    Welcome to the PF, maddyfan811. We are happy to provide tutorial help, as long as you tell us what you know so far, and what your thoughts are. So, what is special about inductors? What are they used for? How do they store energy? Do you know the differential equation for inductors that relates the V(t) across them to the I(t) through them?

    If you can provide us with what you know so far about inductors, we can talk a little about why you would combine inductors and resistors in circuits....
  4. hai
    i too need the answer for the application of rl ckts.
    they store energy in the form of magnetic field.
    whenever current flows through the coil,lines of magnetic flux are generatedaround it .
    this magnetic flux opposes changes in the current due to induced emf.that component is inductors
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    Good start. Wonder if you two are in the same class? Anyway, the best next thing to discuss is the relationship between V(t) across the elements, and the resulting I(t) that flows through each. What is the relationship for V(t) versus I(t) for a resistor? What about for an inductor?
  6. well what i know about rl circuits is very little which is why i'm here. i barely know anything about circuits in general and was hoping for some help. here's what i know about rl circuits. RL circuit consists of a resistor and inductor, connected either in series or parallel, driven by a voltage source. but i can seem to find examples of applications or what they are used for besides spark plugs. any help would be greatly appreciated or a nudge in the right direction.
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