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Homework Help: RL circuit DE

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    Can someone link me to a website that shows how to solve the DE

    dI/dt + (R/L)I = V/L

    where R is resistance, L is capacitance, I is current, V is voltage.

    I understand how the solution works when you plug it in but I want to know the DE method that was used to get that solution.
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    Supposing that R and L (and why not V too) are independent of time, then just
    multiply both sides by [tex]e^{t(R/L)}[/tex] and you can rewrite the LHS as

    and then integrate over time; the integral of the LHS is trivial and the integral of the RHS is just an exponential, then don't forget the constant term, etc and solve for I(t) with algebra.
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    Thanks. I remember that from diffy q class now. What is that method called so I do not forget it again?
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    Just use the general solution method. Find the homogeneous solution and the particular solution.

    Olgran used an integrating factor.
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