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Homework Help: RL Discharge Time Constant

  1. Feb 2, 2010 #1
    1. circuit consists of 10v supply, a switch, R1 (200ohm), R2 (100ohm) in series with a 1H inductance. with R3 (200ohm) across R1 and Inductance. I have to work out the time constants when switch is open and when closed.

    2. when closed I have used 1 time constant = t = L/R, then 5 x L/R. I struggle now with the open formula

    3. t= 1/200 = 0.005s anf 5 x L/R = 0.025s - using 200 ohm as rt for R2 & R3 as equivalent of series. Now struggling with open switch is it just the same with Rt being 266.67 ohms
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