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Homework Help: RL High-Pass/Low-Pass Filters

  1. Jun 25, 2009 #1
    Does anyone know the formula to find the cutoff frequency for an RL High-Pass/ Low-Pass Filter?

    I know with RC filters it's 1/ (2ΩRC) ,but this does not work for RL filters.
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    I figured it out, but if anyone is ever looking for it it's:

    Fc (Cutoff frequency) = R/ ( 2π L)
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    Your PI symbol is coming out as an Omega...
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    FYI, if you copy-and-paste the text on the right below, you'll get a nice looking pi symbol:

    π .. [noparse]π[/noparse]
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    That's wierd, but it's all fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.
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