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Homework Help: RL/RC Circuits

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    I have this initial question that I have been having confusion for regarding RL/RC circuits. I may continue to ask more question to this thread.

    • For an inductor, I read that when the switch is closed at [tex]t\le 0[/tex] then it acts as a short circuit so the current is zero and voltage is also zero across the the inductor. It also says that all source current goes to the inductive branch and none to resistor. How is this possible? If current doesn't exist in the inductor then where has it come from and why doesn't it go to the resistor?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Are we talking about DC or AC? And are the inductor and resistor in parallel?
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    If the power source is Dc, the inductor really acts like a short circuit, this means that the voltage across it is zero and the current can have any value.
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