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RLC circuit

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    Hi everyone,
    Srry to post a different homework question in your thread here, but tried to start a new topic/thread but for some reason, the system is not letting me.

    Here is my question:

    It's the last m/c question out of 30 that I am doing tonight, and I'm having a bit of trouble figuring this one out:

    When the instantaneous voltage and current in a RLC circuit are in phase...

    Answer Choices are as follows:
    A. Inductive Reactance is ZERO.
    B. Capacitive Reactance is ZERO.
    C. Total Reactance is ZERO.
    D. Resistance is ZERO.

    If someone can assist me with this last HW problem, I'd really appredciate it. Thanks!

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    You should start a thread for this. You are kinda hijacking the other guys thread, but... what causes a phase shift? Does resistance cause a phase shift? Does reactance cause a phase shift?
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    I split this off from the other thread.

    That said, to the OP: our policy is that you show some work before we help you...
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