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RLC circuits

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    speaking of R-L-C series and parallel circuits, can anyone tell me what is the physical meaning of characteristic frequency, damping ratio, overdamped, underdamped, critically damped circuits?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Have a read through this introductory page, and if you have a specific question, ask it here.


    Remember that we cannot do your schoolwork for you, according to the PF rules. But if you are confused about a specific concept, we may be able to help.
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    You might also want to compare and contrast RLC with a mechanical spring or pendulum...
    Then, as they say, come back with specific questions.
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    well thanx but i was confused in concept especially of characteristic frequency. we solve several numericals in course and derive many formulas, but still cofusion remains; how to explain these terms in physical meanings??
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    i got a question. how to determine value of L and C in series RLC circuit to make it underdamped, overdamped and critically damped? just wanna know the method to find its values.
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