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Homework Help: RLC Steady State Circuit

  1. Nov 28, 2011 #1
    I have been given the task of building an RLC circuit that is driven at 10kHz, has an output amplitude of 1/sqrt(2) and is 45 degrees out of phase from the input voltage.

    I am not really even sure where to get started.

    Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
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    The first point I would note is that 45 degrees out of phase means that the value of
    (Xl - Xc) or (Xc - Xl) must equal the value of R.
    This means that at your chosen frequency (10kHz) Xl must = 2 x Xc This would be 45 leading
    OR Xc must = 2 x Xl this would be 45 lagging
    This means that the supply voltage Vs = Vr x √2 (or Vs = Vl x √2,,,, or Vs = Vc x √2 )
    Hope this helps
    PS when I say leading or lagging I mean supply volts with reference to the current (or Vr)
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