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Homework Help: Rms speeds at 20 degrees celcius of atoms of helium

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    1. Calculate the rms speeds at 20 degrees celcius of atoms of
    helium (4u)?

    2. The escapte speed from the surface of the earth is 11.2 km/s. Find at what temp. the following gas (O2) have this value as the rms speed?

    3. One mole of an ideal monatomic gas is heated from 0 degrees celcius to 100 degrees celcius. Find the chnage in internal energy and the heat absorbed, given that the process takes place under the follwoing condition:
    (a) constant volume
    (b) constant pressure
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    I see, they are very pretty. Now, what do you want?
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    Help pls

    I would like to have some solution for these questions thank you.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Thomas, you're at the wrong website. You want:

    http://www.wedoyourhomeworkforyou.com [Broken] :rofl:

    Seriously, please read the sticky at the top of this Forum. We don't do complete solutions here.
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