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Rms voltage

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    Suppose at a test point in my circuit ,I need to measure rms voltage, how I should measure it with DMM?
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    DMM provide rms voltage when set to measure AC voltage. If Set to measure DC Voltage they measure Average.
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    Peak to peak voltage (non-RMS) typcially only shows up on an oscilloscope.
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    Some DMM measure RMS voltage and some DMM measure average voltage.

    Check the manual for your DMM and if it reads average voltage, get a DMM that reads RMS voltage.
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    Voltmeters that don't describe themselves as being "true RMS" generally measure scaled average voltage. That is, they display the average voltage times [itex]\pi / \sqrt{8}[/itex], (approx 1.11). This scaling factor makes the average voltage equal the RMS voltage, but only for a sinusoidal waveform.
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    In one of replies to my post, I got an answer that AC voltmeters measure rms voltages, further I want to know that at AC volt position 1V RMS will be shown as what, 1v or less or more?
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    Providing you are measuring a sinewave, and there is no DC component, then on the AC scale your meter will read 1.00v for a sinewave having an RMS value of 1.00v

    DMM probably work reliably only for sinewaves up to a few kHz.
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