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Road kill

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    It gets worse, to be sure it would be best to drive a red, white and black car around here,on a vist to the local garage for fuel in the 5mins i was there 3
    vehicles arrived with pigeons encrusted on them, on the drive home it was ,
    dead rabbit, dead rabbit, dead fox, bloody hell a pigeon aiming at me, dead some thing, another pigeon attack, AHHH whats that omg, oh ok its just horse poo, crap all over the road, i dread to think, another pigeon aiming straight at my windscreen, of a sudden the verges come alive and rabbits
    do thier( being chased thing) and start thier zigzag double back tacticts all over the road, i feel a bump and yes i hit one of the stupid buggers, it is a war zone.
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    Im sorry to hear that wolram. Rabbits are only 1 point, Grannies with a Zimmer are worth 100! Try harder next time ;)

    My cat is bringing home larger and larger prey, im crossing my fingers that the next wont be a small child or one of the neighbours...
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    I usually keep my roadkill in the freezer for quick access incase I need to cuddle. Too far? Yeah, I kind of though so too.
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    Monster :smile:
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    Have the pigeons decided that poop on the cars isn't a strong enough tactic? They've now gone kamikaze? :eek:
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    Yep, the pigions seem to want to die, the great fat things seem hell bent on
    splattering them selfs on a vehicle.
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    There is a road near me, that I call The Highway of Death. I have seen everything from bear to birds along its sides. Another road in Nevada, out side of the city of Dead Horse..I saw 2 dead horses and several dead sheep. Just made me wonder..why not call the city Dead Sheep?
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    My sister has eaten roadkill (bunny, I think).

    Now, before you scream about unsanitary: she encountered it after having passed the same spot of road not fifteen minutes before, so she knew it was fresh.
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    My first husband would go hunting on his friend's ranch and they would shoot rabbits. He knew how much I hated killing anything, so he would tell me that they accidently ran over them. When I would point out the bullet holes, he'd tell me that they just wanted to make sure it was out of it's misery. :rolleyes:
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    Or, as Janine "The Bowler" Garofalo eloquently put it:

    "Yah, it was an accident all right. He tripped and fell ... onto some bullets.":rofl:
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