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Road side findings

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    Walking to my parents place today, about 3 miles of country road, the hedges have been cropped, (with a machine yuck), but it revealed all the dross that had been discarded in the hedge rows, i spied one complete head light cluster, one spare wheel with all most brand new tyre, two plastic buckets, i wonder, portaloo's? one sign that said, Hops Itch, well may be they do, but they do not grow about this area, a car battery, uncountable tin cans and plastic containers , many hub caps, a loo seat, now come on this is taking speculation to far, and to top it all a chair (dinning room) that looked perfect.
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    You've found your new business woolie. Assorted hedge bric-a-brac
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    Oh, begone, i would not touch any of this stuff, even with an imaginary six foot barge poll
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    Hi wolram! :smile:

    Flanders and Swann

    The society for putting broken bedsteads into ponds
    Has another solemn purpose to fulfil.
    For our coastal sands and beaches,
    All where waving willow wands,
    Mark the borders of a river, stream or rill.

    You will always find a single laceless, left-hand leather boot.
    A bootless British river bank's a shock.
    We leave them there at midnight, you can track a member's route,
    By the alternating prints of boot and sock.

    Oh, the lily ponds of Suffolk,
    And the millponds of the west,
    Are part of Britain's heritage,
    The part we love the best.
    Our riverbanks and seashores
    Have a beauty all can share,
    Provided there's a boot...
    Provided there's a boot...
    Provided there's at least one boot...
    Three treadless tyres,
    a half-eaten pork pie,
    some oildrums,
    an old felt hat,
    a lorryload of tar blocks...
    And a broken bedstead there.​

    For full lyrics, see http://monologues.co.uk/Comic_Songs/Bedstead_Men.htm :wink:
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    Tiny-tim , you rock my socks:biggrin:
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    Once while out looking for arrowheads, in the middle of no where, I came across a chair. And to be perfectly honest, there was no better place for it.
    I did sit on it.
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    There's an author (McManus is his last name, I think) and he once wrote an article about a favorite fishing hole that always yielded a big trout...

    until some do-gooders hauled out the old jalopy that was in the fishing hole and ruined it for him.
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    Back when I was a kid, I knew an old man that made a fortune from things he found. But back then there were open dumps where he found most of his valueables. Mostly metals I think.
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    Jerry Clower, the country comic (from Yazoo City, MS) used to spin yarns about a favorite fishing hole that also had a car down below. Said it made good structure, where fish would feed & feel safe (an artificial reef)
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    I can attest to the artificial reef. My "neighborhood" such as it is has a nice fishing pond and the christmas trees from all the house holds get a brick tied to them and are dumped in there each year for structure.
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    Did you find any arrowheads.
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