Robbers jump into a live broadcast poker tournament

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Six men with machine guns at the Grand Hyatt. A few injuries but nothing serious. All I can say is wow.
Armed robbers today struck at Germany's largest poker tournament, stealing money and injuring gamblers, police said.

The masked gang burst into the Grand Hyatt hotel in central Berlin, where the tournament was taking place, threatening security staff and prompting a brief panic, police spokeswoman Heidi Vogt told AFP.

Berlin's Tageszeitung newspaper reported on its Web site that six raiders armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles and grenades made off with $1.1 million.

"Several masked, armed individuals entered the Grand Hyatt and fled with a haul of money," Vogt said, without specifying the amount involved.

She said a number of the tournament's players were injured in the incident, though none seriously.

Live broadcast video and bystander video:
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They're not camera shy.
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Apparently, nothing trumps a Kalashnikov.
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Yeah that is the best hand in poker.

I wouldn't be amazed if this was an inside job at all.
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