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Robbery through chemistry?

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    There is a story circulating here in Peru about a robbery scam in which an old lady asks for help in reading a cell phone number on a slip of paper. A brief time after the victim touches the paper a tingling sensation begins in the fingers and starts traveling through the body. Unconsciousness follows within a minute, after which the victim wakes up with their valuables missing. Any thoughts on whether this is possible, and if so, what the chemical agent could be? Thanks.

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    It's plausible enough that I don't feel it'd be responsible to say what I think could do that.

    (See also the note on dangerous/illegal activities)
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    Aren't there plenty of easier ways to rob people already?
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    Sounds like some sort of potent neurotoxin. Maybe they rub the slip of paper on something like a poison dart frog? Whatever the substance is, it won't be easily acquired. A criminal element is going to find out what it is and try to get it anyway if they really want to.
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    In Peru the list of scams and other theft tactics is limitless, especially if you’re a gringo. In the op I was trying to determine if this ‘new’ scam is an urban legend I hadn’t heard of, or if it’s something I need to take seriously. It does have a science fiction ring to it.

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    Seems plausible, although I'm not sure they necessarily need to be this sneaky about it in Peru. As far as I know, potent neurotoxins aren't the cheapest and easiest things to get, so they would probably be able to rob more victims just by putting a gun to their back and telling them to empty their pockets. If this is real, these criminals have a lot to learn about business and efficiency :rolleyes:

    Also, how does the old lady touch the paper and not get knocked out? That seems to be the biggest problem in this to me (still plausible though).
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    Maybe she has something on her hands to neutralize it. Or maybe she wears gloves.
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    Neurotoxins could work. But only a few can get through the skin, and in enough quantity. The time it would take to work would be quite a lot. It has to go through the skin tissue then into the blood (veins then heart then lungs then brain)then into the brain or most of the body to paralyse. It's a 5 min trip at least IMO. Seems hollywoodian.
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