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Robert Jordan RIP

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    He passed away on September 16, 2007, the day I fell and broke my arm. This is the first I heard of his passing.

    It was his book "Eye of the World", first in the "Wheel of Time" books that got me hooked on fantasy novels. I would wait anxiously for the next book in the series to come out.

    For others of you not into his "Wheel of Time" series, he wrote the Conan, the Barbarian" series.
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    I was saddened and shocked by the news a couple weeks ago, in part because there had been several reports about his health improving.

    While I agree with the criticism to some of the later books in the WoT series, I think that for the most part he succeeded in making a quality fantasy epic with a well thought-out and interesting world. I really wish he had finished the last book.

    AFAIK, he left a lot of notes and voice recordings about his plans for the last book, so it's likely that MoL will be released in some form.

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    I've read all of the books in the WoT series. He died just before he could finish the last one. Bummer. He told his family et. al about all plot endings though. I hope I will finally learn who killed Asmodean.
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    nooo! Wheel of Time was awesome!
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    I've been in and out of town for several weeks, sorry to hear this news. He was a delightful writer, always kept me wanting more.
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    By the way, does anyone have an idea on who killed Asmodean some five books back?
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