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Robert Sheaffer - The Debunker's Dream

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    Robert Sheaffer - The Debunker's Domain

    Living up to its name, the Science Fiction Channel premiered a sensationalist "documentary" on October 24, 2003, claiming that a "UFO crash" in Kecksburg was "a second Roswell." The reality is that a major fireball meteor was widely seen at that time, and studied extensively by scientists. Several scientific papers were published about it in astronomical journals. The supposed "crashing UFO" reported from Kecksburg matches exactly with the great fireball in time, and in direction. ..

    So the Army went to Kecksberg and retrieves a "fireball" and "covers-it -up"? Why?
    "matches exactly"?
    I'm convinced the 'Army' investigated and 'retrieved' something-probably a satellite.....
    and Sheaffer either doesn't 'get it' or is offering yet another bogus "solved case"-another "notch on his gun" - actually a red herring-or should we say-
    another "red baloon/red pelican"......

    heck, maybe the 'fireball' knocked the satellite/pelican outta the sky?

    The 'believer's casebook' sites Dec 5, 1965...Sheaffer's sites Dec 9th?....gosh,believer's can't ever get their facts straight.....(hey, i can't remember the date, just going by the link offered by Sheaf:

    thought the Russian satellite was the 7th-- but whatda i know? ("Kosmos 96, a Soviet probe that was bound for Venus , according to U.S. Space Command, crashed in Canada 14 hours earlier."----earlier than what?)

    -notice the "Zippy" cartoon-and "An alleged replica of an artifact supposedly recovered, erected in Kecksburg. Those aliens who flew it must have been pretty darn small!"....

    is this an "exact" replica? (wasn't the thing 9-12ft ? big as a 'bug'-
    Volkwagon, that is)....what was that date again???

    As Murphy (who investigated for the radio station) wondered, "If there was nothing in the woods, why would the Military be in force at Pennsylvania's Police headquarters?"

    If the Police found nothing of interest, why do the military investigate......and to me, why was the SciFi channel making such a big deal out of this--and surely Gumbel isn't going to risk his reputation over such a 'mundane' solution as a
    'fireball pelican'.... Where's Geraldo?
    quotes from Gazette article-Tom Gibb

    U.S. Air Force documents tell of a three-man team coming from its Oakdale radar station, finding nothing and heading home in early morning.

    Retired firefighter Bitner recalls seeing "a dozen" military men.

    Carl Porch, whose farmland sits nearby, says there barely were any.

    "There were all kind of military people," said Robert Gatty, now publishing a trade magazine in the Washington, D.C., suburbs, then a reporter with the Tribune-Review in Greensburg. "I couldn't get past them."


    small town American-a 'suit' tells you 'it's in the National interest'-- i believe he keeps his mouth shut....patriotism,his word is his bond---doubt if a hippy would keep his mouth shut though.....times change

    "There is a [military] publication called JANAP 146E that has a section that says you will not reveal any information regarding the UFO phenomenon under penalty of $10,000 fine and ten years in jail. So the secret has been kept."
    US Navy Pilot, Lieutenant Frederick Fox

    Ivan Seeking-UFO Napster


    In the TV show, a guy says his family's farm house was used as 'command center'.........so it goes
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    Personally, I think the miltary/governent stroke the UFO stories because it suits them. If this object really was a satellite, they could easily prove it, but why go through the effort? If people believe its a UFO, it saves you the trouble of hiding it the next time it happens when its your spy satellite that crashes.

    It wouldn't even surprise me if our enemies used UFO reports as important (if somewhat unreliable) sources of info about out experimental aircraft programs.
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