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Robertson is a BIG IDIOT

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    He needs to use his ass-brain to think before saying something condemning people.
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    yep, some people just dont know when to shut-up...
    and notice that he apologized only that his timing was wrong... as if its alright to say it after some time has passed...

    it reminds me, there were some people who said the new-orleans disaster happened because the US supported the pullout from gaza strip.
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    I thought it was Pat Robertson that said the New Orleans disaster happened because Ellen Degeneres, a lesbian from New Orleans, hosted the Emmys.

    That's false by the way. The article that said that was from a satire site. But when someone talks about Pat Robertson, how can you tell the difference between satire and reality? His real comments are more outlandish than than the parodies of him!
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    You've got to consider though, his old age. I've come across his show and he seems to feel way too comfortable during his monologues. His show is Christian based, but it may be every once in a while his political ego kind of takes over, and uses the show to display political power and attach himself to such important issues (which in reality, he has no power over, so in a sense, he's delusional).
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