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Robot lover

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    There was a couple of "The New Outer Limits ... do not try to adjust the picture, we control the horizontal ... " episodes of robot companions. They were spooky.
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    I think this line of research should be stopped post haste, imagine what would happen if one of these emotion robots went awry :eek:
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    "London man strangled by jealous robot. Film at eleven."
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    There is no way you are going out without a nice crease in your shorts, and will you please centralise that thing, i hate it when it is lop sided.
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    Should I even ask?...
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    Probably a tie or a hat
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    Will they be out in time for xmas :!!)
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    My girlfriend is having an affair with the washing machine.

    My washing machine is in love with my robot.

    My robot has something going on the side.

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