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Robot Programming Language

  1. Oct 30, 2009 #1
    Hello. I'm thinking about building a 2D pathfinding robot. I was just wondering if anyone wanted to suggest a programming language. I have experience in a few, but I also like trying new ones so I'm open to anything. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    What kind of hardware\operating system will the robot be running?
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    it will depend on what hardware you use for control. It's best to choose what control system you are going to use before you choose a programming language.
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    Haha, um... no clue yet. I've only got the plans in the making. No hardware has been decided on. Speaking of which then, is there recommendations for that? I'd like to build neither a small nor extremely large one, but it will be fairly large. I actually wanted to model it after and be the size of K-9 from Doctor Who. So I guess recommendations on both the hardware and program language? I was thinking I'd like to try python. I've used python a bit and I really enjoyed it, and I'd like to use it a bit more.
  6. Nov 7, 2009 #5
    If it's that big you can just put a laptop inside. Then you can use any language you want.
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    I have fooled around a bit with controlling motors, etc but I've only ever know qbasic. (haha, I know). The truth is, I've never personally ran into a situation that a nice easy qbasic program could not handle. Most controller I use are rather primitive, using serial connectors so you can control them from almost any language very easily.
    I'd LOVE to learn python, or C++, but I can never seem to wrap my head around them.

    Good luck!

    PS, X2 on using an actual computer CPU, this leaves options open and almost limitless.
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