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Robotics competition

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    Does anyone know of any robotics competition that will be taking place sometime later this year or next year?

    I'm looking for a competition that involves college level students.
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    The US FIRST competition is held once a year. The competition is for high school students, but college students and professional engineers typically team up to mentor the high school teams.
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    RoboCup has ongoing competition in various categories

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    Marinetech.org has an underwater robotics competition for college level as well as HS level students.
    The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International also has an underwater robotics competition (http://www.auvsi.org/competitions/water.cfm [Broken])for college and HS students as well as unmanned ground vehicle(http://www.igvc.org/) and unmanned aerial vehicles (http://www.bowheadsupport.com/paxweb/seafarers/default.htm [Broken]).
    I hope this helps.
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    robosoccer....not sure if they merged with teh robocup link thats above.
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    That's quite a few competitions, thanks for the links guys. I was expecting more local (US) competitions though.

    RoboCup US Open is probably the closest that I have seen so far, and if it is held the same time every year then it should be held next may again (which is good).
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    thanx billblack. the funny thing is that I came across that site before in google but i clicked about 5 links and i got the location as in india or singapore. Now that I have looked at the list closer i can see many US competitions.
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    KURUKSHETRA'09 the battle of brains is about to
    start with a variety of events providing an opportunity
    to show ur talent..it includes-

    1. EXCEED- A national level robotics contest which has
    prelims in Pune and Bangalore followed with the finals
    during K!09

    2.THE ROAD NOT TAKEN - Do u think u can build a robot
    that can steer itself?check this event for details

    3.ROBO SOCCER - fun filled soccer game where each team
    builds 2 robots and traditional soccer games rules

    4.LINE FOLLOWER- task is to build a robot that can reach
    the centre of the maze using the shortest possible path

    5.DESIGNER'S QUEST - This is ur platform to design a
    swimmer robot that can find its way in a turbulent

    There are more interesting events and exciting prizes to
    be won!! For further details visit www.kurukshetra.org.in
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