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Robotics Project HELP

  1. Feb 12, 2006 #1
    hey i'm making a hexapod robot using nitinol for movement. i've got 50 um HT flexinol wire, and i put em on each joint on both sides of it, so it works kinda like how real muscles work, contracting in opposites. i kno its nto the most efficient but w/e, this way allows for better stability than a rigid system. i'm trying to get it to move super fast, thus the thin nitinol, but with great stability (cockroaches)

    i'm really new into this whole area, i just have to do it for a skool project, but i'm already stuck lol

    i cant get my nitinol to contract, even with just a simple circuit, i have 1 double A battery holder, attached to a 4.7ohm resistor n' when i touch the ends to the nitinol, nothing happens... i'm confused

    ne body have clues as to wat i should do? or any other pointers about the project that'd b great! :)
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