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Robotics vs Aerospace Career Help

  1. Mar 1, 2013 #1
    I posted in the wrong forum before, so I hope this is correct. I'm a newbie here, and I was hoping to get some advice about career options.

    I am a second year Undergrad in MEng. Mechanical Engineering. From the third year I can choose to take Aerospace as a specialization or continue with Mechanical (Robotics). I can't take Robotics/Mechatronics modules with the Aerospace course.

    I'm really good at all my subjects, so that's not a problem. I tend to score lower marks for the Design subject, but I think that is because of my poor presentation rather than poor design.

    I am very interested in space exploration and also have a love for Biomechanics etc. I was wondering if anyone could offer an opinion on the career options available. Would a degree specializing in Robotics be any use in the space sector?

    By the way, I will probably carry on to do a PhD in my chosen specialization so it's a pretty big decision for me. I would be very grateful for any input.

    Thank You
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