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Robust optmization problem

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    For a measurement set-up I'm designing, I have to position two sensors which have to be placed at an angle (alpha, beta) wrt the x-direction (zero degrees). However, there is only one 'optimal' combination of angles (alpha-beta) in words of robustness. In order to determine this 'optimum', I want to do a sensitivity analysis how each possible combination of angles is sensitive to a small (angular) deviation i.e. in practice it is impossible to locate the two sensors perfect at the desired location. The combination of angles that is less sensitive to this variation of location is the optimal location I'm searching.

    I searched on the internet which numerical method to use for this, however I'm not really experienced in optimization and stuff like that. I found methods like Monte Carlo, perturbation analyses, Taguchi etc. I'm reading already a several days but still I'm not sure which method to use for my problem. Anybody some suggestions which method is most appropriate? Examples (Matlab), tutorials etc.?

    Any help or suggestion is welcome!!

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    Stephen Tashi

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    You haven't clearly described any mathematical problem. You didn't explain what quantity or quantities are to be optimized.
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