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News Rock and a Hard Place

  1. Jun 26, 2003 #1
    Looks like ol' Bush is going to be a bit uncomfortable when asked to comment on the 6-to-3 ruling in favor of gay @ss sex in the state of Texas (his homestate). If he makes a positive comment, he'll lose the favor of some of his own supporters. If he makes a negative comment, he'll be hated even more by the liberal side.

    HA HA

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    Yea LOL! the one thing that gets me about this is that u would of had to have been caught in the act of gay sex for them to prosecute, wouldnt it be easier to just do it in the privacy of your own home?
  4. Jun 26, 2003 #3
    Well, the reason this was brought to court attention is because in 1998, two Texas men were having homosexual relations in the privacy of their own home... somebody video taped it... they were in trouble with the law.

    Of course, in 1998 Mr. Bush was the governor of Texas... which some might say makes him look even worse.

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    I'm sure that politics is scripted and the script is written by Mel Brooks!
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