Rock on a string

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Homework Statement

so theres a 6 kg rock spinning in a circle with a string that can with stand a maximum tension of 75 and a radius of 1.5m
and i need to find the maximum speed before the string will break

Homework Equations


The Attempt at a Solution

so Fnet =ma and a = 4[itex]\pi[/itex]2R/T2
so Fg = m*4[itex]\pi[/itex]2R/T2
so 6*9.8 = 6*4[itex]\pi[/itex]21.5/T2
so 58.8 = 284.24 / T2
so T = 2.2

no would i be able to use this formula a=4[itex]\pi[/itex]2R/T2 to find the acceleration and then use a= v2/R to get the speed?
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no nothing?