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Rocket Control

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    i'm working on my FYP project on designing and building a rocket controller which will react on altitude change thus shifting the angle of its fin to make sure the rocket fly to the right altitude. can any one help me with the topic?
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    Welcome to the PF. What have you learned so far? What kind of feedback systems have you worked with before? Is your background mainly EE or ME or some combination of both?
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    mu background is EE...
    ive learned that there is several way to control a rocket, and currently i'd decided to use movable fins. the system will recieve signal from an altimeter. i am actually still looking for journal and e-book on this topic,but sadly most of the source i found tells so few on the topic. but i do know about pitch roll and yaw. and i do aware of the variations of rocket control sys.
    can u help me on this plz..tq berkeman
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