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I Rocket Engine without propellant

  1. Feb 16, 2017 #1
    Centrifugal Offset Relativistic Engine or CORE Drive.

    Imagine a children’s roundabout with a flat smooth base on some ice. Spin the roundabout and if it is balanced, even with no friction with the ice, it will stay in the same location. If it is not balanced, say, we put one child on it, then when we spin it, the rotational axis will describe a circle in the ice.

    The imbalance in weight in the system causes the whole roundabout to move along the line of the net centrifugal force.

    If we could keep the imbalance of weight in the same place then we could generate linear thrust.

    So now imagine the roundabout with a number of vertical wheels around the circumference, with the direction of rotation towards the centre. If we spin all these wheels then spin the roundabout, it should still remain stationary on the ice.

    But what if we arranged to adjust the speed of the wheel rotation as they revolve around the roundabout.

    So, looking from above, at East we start accelerating the wheel*, until at West it is at it’s maximum speed, then we start decelerating until back at East it is stationary. We do this for all wheels at the same position, so as the roundabout is revolving, wheels at West are maximum speed and wheels at East are Zero speed.

    We should now have a slight imbalance of mass now as the wheels that are rotating will have slightly more mass than the non rotating ones due to the increase in relativistic mass.

    This imbalance will give a thrust in the West direction. This is a non-propellant thrust ideal for interstellar travel.

    This is my gift to the world, just a Knighthood and a Nobel prize please.

    You are welcome.

    *The rotation forces could be generated by electrical induction forces like an electrical motor, and the wheels would be like the rotor of the motor
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