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Rocket Experiment Help

  1. Nov 23, 2009 #1
    Ok so What i am thinking of doing is testing the thrust of my rocket, Im thinking of doing it this way. I will have the rocket at one end of a rotating planck and at the other end some counter balance. I will then fire the rocket of will its in the rest position, then when it is done accelerating i will then time the period of occilation.
    Now i dont know if this will be enough information to generate an answer but im hopin someone will help me, probably using agular momentum stuff, to determine the thrust.

    If this is not can someone else show me a way i can do it without having to buy any equipment other than wood or something cheap
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    What equations will you use to design your experiment?
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    Thats the part that im stuck on, I would think that the final velocity of the object would be the same as if the rocket was to be shot off in a straight line but i know that there has to be something about angular momentum and velocities there. Do you have any idea on where to start once i have the time period, and time of thrust and all the other information given? such as length of radius and the masses?
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