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Rocket Propelled Shell - Space

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    I am currently studying for a BA iin mech eng.

    Now, i have been thinking recently, is it possible to produce a lightweight artillary shell, that can contain a solid state rocket fuel, and a compressed oxygen canister?

    If so, would it not be all that impossible to fire this 'shell' vertically into the air, and ignite at a certain altitude, after a designated time by a fuse ignited on launch?

    Now, you think i might have all gone mad. But hear me out.

    We have the efficiency in that we do not need to require a force to overcome the additional weight of the fuel onboard on board the rocket, because the fuel to gain its initial altitude will be spontaneuosly ignitined in the 'artillary piece'.

    There will be no electronic devices on board due to the shock, it would destroy everything, and they wouldnt be required anyway.

    So, what could this be used for?
    Well people all over the world would love to have their loved ones cremations in space for sure!

    Anyone believe this is at all possible??
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    It has been tried. Wiki Project HARP, Space Gun or Non-Rocket Spacelaunch. NASA is currently working on a rail gun to do it, but like project HARP, it probably would not be usefull for getting anything living into orbit.
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    The project HARP marlet 3A was a failure due to the grain structure being morphed by the huge g's on acceleration.

    Do you think that modern day technologies would be able to produce a grain structure that would allow for the rocket to fire under these extreme g's?
    Im just speculating as to why no one has decided to take this project up again, it would be an excelent and relatively cheap way in the long run, to send up electronic deivces into space.
    Perphaps not huge satalites, but you know what i mean.
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    Overly complex for limited gain
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    Many years back, I read the navy was experimenting with or using rocket assisted projectiles to increase the range of ship board guns. Claims were that a 5 in. gun, using a rocket assisted projectile, would have the same range as a 16 inch gun with conventional projectiles. I don't know if this work has become common practice or not, but it appeared to work.

    Oh, electronics were being used in anti-aircraft projectiles in the later part of WWII, so don't rule out a smart projectile.
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