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Rocket Propulsion Fuel Burn

  1. Nov 8, 2007 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    The space shuttle, with an initial mass M = 2.41E+6 kg, is launched from the surface of the earth with an initial net acceleration a = 26.1 m/s2. The rate of fuel consumption is R = 6.90E+3 kg/s. The shuttle reaches outer space with a velocity of vo = 4632 m/s, and a mass of Mo = 1.45E+6 kg. How much fuel must be burned after this time to reach a velocity vf = 5158 m/s?
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    At least take a guess at what you need to know !
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    well i got some answer..but all of them were wrong. Ve(dm/dt) = M(dv/dt), Vf-Vi= Ve(ln(Mi/Mf)...As it reaches outer space, I got acceleration of 43.38 and since gravity is not acting, added 9.81 to get 53.19. I set this to dv/dt. Got Ve. And plugged into formula...but did not work. What's wrong?
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    My only question is, on equation Ve(dm/dt) = M(dv/dt), how do we get dv/dt? I really don't get it..Is it constant?
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    Oops, I solved the problem! FYI answer is 5.96×10^4 kg.
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