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Rockets are phallic

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    Just sayin...

    The next one must be bigger, stronger, faster.
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    You are free to develop a vagina-shaped rocket if you want to.

    I can definitely guarantee that you get all the science prizes in the world if you manage such a feat.

    Anyhow, stupid thread.
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    Gives whole new meaning to the term re-entry.

    Ditto to arildno's last sentence.
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    I don't see what this has do with with phalluses, unless this is something your girlfriend said.
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    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. -Bill Clinton (attributed) :smile:
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    I assume you're joking
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    jimmysnyder, joking...? :eek:!
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    It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is. -Bill Clinton
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    Sorry, I fixed it for you.
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    Huh. I never thought about it, but I guess rockets are phallic. Go figure.

    Coincidence, probably. I doubt that the guy who invented rockets was sitting around and said "let's make it look like a penis". Of course, you never know...
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    maybe we should be asking why penises are so aerodynamic.
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    I think this was done before it started.
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