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Rogers cable TV woes

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    I'll get to asking the right people, but first I should get my ducks in a row.

    My Rogers cable TV reception through my PVR box is crap. Recently, watching shows in the evening, it might freeze for several seconds maybe fifty times over an hour.

    Right now I'm weatching OMNI2. Last night it was Global.

    Weather all across the province is crystal clear.

    Where can I expect to find the source of this problem? Can it be at the channel level? The PVR level? The source?

    Is this Rogers' fault?
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    Roger seems like a dodgy character to me.
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    Freezing and pixelating is usually due to low signal at the pvr box. The reason that the signal is low is because there is problem with the wiring between the cable box outside and the tv.

    If you'd like to troubleshoot it yourself, follow the cable wiring in your house like a crumb trail and check all cable connectors for any shorts, and mechanical stability (that includes in wallplates, splitters, splices, and jumpers).

    Check if there are any old rusty splitters. Anything that has radioshack inscribed is not cable friendly.

    Check for coax wiring. Hopefully everything is wired with RG6 cable. If there is a RG59 (a little thinner cable than RG6) replace it.

    If you have access to the cable junction box at the house outside, check if there is water in the connectors. Water tends to attenuate higher frequencies, and shorts attenuate lower frequencies. If signs of rust. Has to be replaced.

    I should add, there are cases when the actual cable box multifunctions, but that's rare. If there is a pole or a groundbox far in the backyard, which one might not have access to - same problems with bad connections can occur. In that case a service visit is required for a tech to check that.
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    Hm. Definitely external box is in rough shape. Could use a replacement. Where, if not RadioShack, would I get one?
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    Do you mean a plastic box that houses the splitters inside is in bad shape or the stuff inside? In either case all the components are provided by the cable company. Although many people don't want to wait for a service tech and can fix this themselves. You can order good quality splitters and fittings on the internet. Like this one are highly reliable.


    But most important are the fittings (connectors). Fittings gone bad need to be replaced.

    These fittings are of high quality:
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    The splitter itself is in pretty rough shape. Lotta rust.

    So, if I'm going to replace the fittings, I need either a crimper or I need to replace the whole cable, right?

    Anywhere I might go locally to buy these things? There's an electronics surtplus store I know of, but how will I distinguish between a quality splitter and a RadioCrap splitter?

    BTW, I have not noticed any problems with my other TVs, which are not run off a PVR.
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    Yes, you'll need a crimper and a wire-stripper. Although one could strip the cable with a knife too.

    Good splitters are "bi-directional" and go from 5-1000 MHz. Most radioshack splitter I've seen are from 5-900 MHz and are not bi-directional.

    That's a good sign. That means the signal coming to the house is good, but only the signal path that goes to the pvr might be affected.
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    Funny story about rogers, not that it has anything to do with the OP. Hopefully you'll think it's kinda funny Dave. :rofl:

    My building is hooked up for Bell satellites, that's to say all the buildings have a satellite on top and you do'nt need your own satellite it's available for the whole building you just need to pay for the service. Rogers sometimes comes to the complex going door to door showing how they are so much superior (they really aren't as far as prices are concerned although they make it seem they are). One time they were installing cable and they purposely disconnected the satellite to the entire building :rofl:

    Funniest thing ever. Now THATS competing.
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    I'm a fan of aligned ducks.

    What came of all of this, anyhow?
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    My, you are impatient little one!

    what has been mentoring me by PM. When I actually get some money, I may replace the box and wire.

    Then again, it has either stopped or it only occurs on a small number of channels, so... maybe it really is the cable company...
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    Okay question, then. Can I safely assume that you had three extra hours during which to phone said cable company?

    Edit: P.S. Did you just pat me on the head?
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    I'm not going that route just yet.
    That was your head?
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    You're having trouble with your cable and haven't seen fit to call the cable company yet.

    I see.

    I'm going to blink now.
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    Yes. It is my experience that one does not start an unstoppable machine up until one is at the wheel. That's the aligned ducks part.

    I hate calling them out only to have them say "What is this?? What brain-addled fool tried to do thi- oh sorry."
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    Do not trust Rogers.

    Never call customer service either even just to ask what is your bill amount. They will tie that into some kind of 2 year contract or something.
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    It's probably faster to take a college course about television and cable then it is to call on the phone and wait. Seriously.

    You will call and wait 2 hours and be like... damn I have work in 10 minutes. Hang up.

    Call the next time and wait 1.5 hours... damn I have to go to the bath really bad. My stomach is killing. Hang up.

    They know that eventually you will have to hang up. Hence, Rogers will never pick up the phone for a cable problem. Cogeco is even worse.

    Note: Rogers will pick up the phone for a cellphone question because that results in a renewed 3-year contract. How that works... I don't know.
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    omg yes. Last time I called to ask about my service, the guy dragged me on a merry ride through upgrading channel packages before I finally called a halt and said "you want me to spend all this money to upgrade to get channels I don't want, and I'm no further ahead in getting what I called to ask about. I want my fifteen minutes back please."
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    Next time do the same thing in return. Waste their time. I had friends that worked for Telus and they get written for staying on the phone too long. If you're on the phone for more than a certain about, around 7 minutes or something, the call gets sent to the supervisor to be reviewed or something. Sometimes people would waste his time and he would hang up about 5-10 seconds before the time limit hit so that the supervisor doesn't get it.

    So just ask many questions. For example...

    "Are these channels available 24 hours?"

    "How many viewing minutes do I get?"

    "Do I have unlimited evening minutes for my channels?"

    "How much does it cost for long distance? How much per minute to watch a channel from New York, like NBC?"
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    :rofl: 10 char
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