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News Rogue Websites Bill

  1. Oct 28, 2011 #1
    http://www.thetruecosts.org/pressreleases/us-chamber-praises-house-legislation-protect-jobs-and-sever-rogue-websites-american-ma [Broken]

    A quick google search comes up with a few other opinions and views on the matter.

    Personally, I understand the point of the legislation. But, I really am not happy about getting a government agency unbound power to shutdown a website. Because of that power-grab, I am firmly against this legislation even though I am just as much against media piracy. (I grew up with Napster, Scourge, etc - but never used them and scolded friends who did. I pride myself on not being a thief.)

    However, I would ask a greater question - why aren't the violated IP holders going after these 'rogue websites' themselves? Why does this become the government's job to search and destroy - especially in a civil matter?
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    seriously, just unplug from the mainstream. all their brands are made in the same chinese factories. everything from hollywood is brain-dead effects and cliches. nothing but pop music using the same old formulas to appeal to the herd. mainstream news is infotainment and celeb worship. just leave it all behind. and if they want to use this to try and censor real war footage, etc., well, they can't get it all. it will only make people more determined.
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