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Role of the engineer

  1. Feb 16, 2006 #1


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    I searched web but couldn't find the answer.
    I need to draw something like a diagram of The Role Of The Engineer in Wastewater threatment ..
    btw. i am studying Civil engineering..
    it would really help me if you just gave me link of some page with something like this..
    I searched all through my books and lecture notes but there is no such thing inthere..
    please help
    my exam is very close and i have no idea how to make this one
    thanx a lot!
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    Hello. I am also studying civil engineering, i took Sanitation as my first elective. I remember the role of the engineer is Wastewater treatment is basicly to design, build and supervise the functioning of a wastewater plants.
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    Cyclovenom put it quite succinctly.

    One can find more information here about civil engineering in general - http://www.asce.org/asce.cfm [Broken]

    1. Planning - one must determine capacity
    2. Design - using appropriate codes and engineering design tools
    3. Construction - an engineer will likely supervise construction
    4. Operations - including maintainence
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    Thank You both for all your help :)
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